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My book “iPad Pocket Guide” Is Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m hard at work on my next book, The iPad Pocket Guide, which is now available for pre-order at for only $10.19 and at Barnes & Noble for $10.11! Amazon lists the release date as June 11, but I’m sure that’s just a placeholder. I want to have most of the book written by ...


Pogue on Why We Make Home Videos

In his weekly email newsletter, New York Times columnist David Pogue writes about how he’s copying his 140 DV tapes to a hard disk (using iMovie), and why all that video footage isn’t just something to be forgotten on a shelf. Why We Make Home Videos


Frugal Mac Buyer Suggestions

My latest column for the Seattle Times is online, which looks at several areas to save money when buying Mac-related items: Plenty of ways for frugal Mac users to save on products (15 January 2010).


VHS Conversion Utilities Compared

Wondering what to do with those mouldering VHS tapes? Christopher Breen at Macworld compares the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD and the Elgato Video Capture: VHS capture tools compared.


Snow Leopard Pocket Guide Now in Stock

I received my first author copies of The Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Pocket Guide this week, and they look great! I also checked this morning and saw that the book is now in stock and available (and still costs only $10, with free shipping for Amazon Prime members!). Peachpit has also posted ...


My Seattle Times Review of Snow Leopard

…is now posted: “Snow Leopard: The big improvements come under the hood“. Choice paragraph: How often in software do you get something that fundamentally makes something better instead of just making it bigger? When you’re talking about operating systems, that answer is once — now. Also, Peachpit confirmed that my book, “The Mac OS X ...


Windows Live Movie Maker Says Goodbye to the Timeline

iMovie ’08 took a lot of flack for dispensing with the timeline, the single horizontally scrolling representation of a movie. Instead, your project is organized left to right, top to bottom like you read a paragraph of text. Microsoft is taking the same approach with its new Windows Live Movie Maker. View the movie on ...


My Seattle Times Review of the iPhone 3GS

My review of the iPhone 3GS is now live on the Seattle Times Web site, a day ahead of when it’s scheduled to appear in print. I like the new iPhone quite a bit; Apple sent me a review unit, but I had also ordered one the day it was announced. I skipped the iPhone ...


Listen to Me on MacVoices

Chuck Joiner of MacVoices interviewed me about iMovie ’09 and the book for an episode posted today. We had a fun chat, where I covered iMovie, iDVD, undocumented changes in the latest iMovie ’09 releases; I also delivered a short Video Encoding 101 course when explaining the new Optimize Video feature: Jeff Carlson is the ...


iPhone 3GS Shoots and Edits Video

Look out Flip: Apple today announced the iPhone 3GS, with an improved built-in camera that records video and audio. It features auto-focus and auto-exposure, and also offers some basic editing capabilities: drag the edges of the filmstrip to select a portion of the video, then tap Trim to cut it down. You can’t mix and ...