Listen to Me on MacVoices

Chuck Joiner of MacVoices interviewed me about iMovie ’09 and the book for an episode posted today. We had a fun chat, where I covered iMovie, iDVD, undocumented changes in the latest iMovie ’09 releases; I also delivered a short Video Encoding 101 course when explaining the new Optimize Video feature:

Jeff Carlson is the author of the brand new iMovie 09 and iDVD for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide from Peachpit, and has plenty of information to provide on both programs. Jeff explains why the book applies to brand new users of iMovie ‘09 as well as those versed in previous versions of Apple’s movie-editing software, the program’s significant evolution from iMovie ‘08, and how iDVD fits into a world where DVDs seem to be sliding. Jeff also reveals some undocumented features just added to iMove ‘09, including a Ken Burns effect, discusses what video optimization is and why you should care, and tells you how to get half his book for free.

Listen to the interview here.

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