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Recover Deleted Files from a Memory Card

Have you done the bone-headed thing I did recently? I erased a memory card in my camera, and then realized I hadn’t transferred the latest photos to my computer. Fortunately, they’re easy to recover as I write about in an article at TidBITS: Recover Erased Photos from a Memory Card (2009-06-03). Although the article’s focus ...


Off Topic: My Photoshop Elements 7 Book On Sale

I just received word from Peachpit that my Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide is part of a new VQS promotion that Barnes & Noble is running this month. It’s available for 30 percent off ($20.99) in physical bookstores (look for a “stepladder” display), or $18.89 online if you’re a Barnes & Noble ...


Flickr Now Offers HD Video for Pro Members

Speaking of 720p, Flickr is now letting its pro members upload 720p HD video. They’ve set up a pool to highlight some HD video, as well.


Video Encoders Compared

Real World Video Compression looked at four Mac compression tools: El Gato’s Turbo.264 1.3 hardware dongle and software, Apple’s Compressor 3.0.3, Episode Pro 5.0.1, and Techspansion’s Visual Hub 1.3.4 to see which performs best in terms of speed (not necessarily quality; all rendering was done with default settings). The tests were run on a beefy ...


QuickTime 7.5 Addresses Security Concerns, iMovie and iDVD Updated

While the iPhone 3G and Snow Leopard grabbed everyone’s attention this week, Apple also released security and bug-fix updates to QuickTime, iMovie ’08, and iDVD ’08. QuickTime 7.5 tackles several security issues dealing with maliciously crafted media: PICT images, AAC-encoded media, and Indeo video. It also changes the behavior of handling URLs by revealing files ...


Other Recent Projects: New Books!

As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty focused on becoming a dad lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s occupied all of my attention (just most of it). I’ve been hard at work on a number of other projects. Just prior to my daughter’s birth, I wrapped up Photoshop Elements 6: Visual QuickStart Guide, my book ...


Apologies for Lack of Updates

I haven’t updated the blog since early January, but I have good reason: I’m a dad! My daughter was born February 5, and before that I was finishing a book project at high speed in anticipation of her arrival. I’m taking some paternity leave time, which I’ve learned is key because some days just run ...


My Final Cut Express 4 Review at

I wrote a review of Final Cut Express 4 for Macworld, which is now available on the magazine’s Web site, giving it four mice and noting that iMovie HD users who aren’t impressed with iMovie ’08 might want to just move up to Final Cut Express instead. I also included a screenshot that demonstrates the ...


Now Available! iMovie ’08 & iDVD ’08 Visual QuickStart Guide

I received my first author copy last week, but now I’m thrilled to announce that the new iMovie ’08 & iDVD ’08 Visual QuickStart Guide is now available! Due to Apple’s decision to scrap the old iMovie HD and write a completely new iMovie ’08 from scratch, much of the book has been rewritten to ...


A Few Quick Final Cut Express 4 Followup Notes

I ended up having an impromptu briefing with Apple today about Final Cut Express 4 (see the last post) and learned a few new details that I speculated about earlier today. AVCHD footage is indeed transcoded to AIC on import. I was 99 percent sure this was the case, but since it wasn’t expressly mentioned, ...