Windows Live Movie Maker Says Goodbye to the Timeline

iMovie ’08 took a lot of flack for dispensing with the timeline, the single horizontally scrolling representation of a movie. Instead, your project is organized left to right, top to bottom like you read a paragraph of text.

Microsoft is taking the same approach with its new Windows Live Movie Maker. View the movie on this page to see an overview of the software.

  1. What is the difference between Windows Live Movie maker and just Windows movie maker?
    I have a feeling they are the same thing because im trying to download Windows movie maker (much easier and more features than windows live movie maker) but it says that i already have all my updates installed yet i dont have windows movie maker anywhere in my computer… please help!


  2. I haven’t used Windows Live Movie maker, but I think it’s basically just the newest version of Windows Movie Maker. If you’re running Windows 7, I don’t think you have a choice; it’s Windows Live Movie Maker only. I’m not currently running Win7, so I can’t be certain, but that’s what the cobwebs in my brain are telling me.


  3. Im just up to Windows Movie maker LOL!
    if this is free and better than Windows Movie maker then I have to try it hehehe!
    thanks for sharing


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