iMovie 3.0.3 – Go Get It

On the same day that Apple released QuickTime 6.3, they also rolled out iMovie 3.0.3 (quite the busy day for the Cupertino crowd!). Although it doesn’t fix all of the outstanding problems with iMovie 3, performance seems greatly improved, and there’s now a control for enabling or disabling the Ken Burns Effect.

I’m writing this two days late because I spent yesterday frantically making edits to the book, which was at the blueline stage. Basically, I had until the end of day yesterday to identify and make all the changes necessitated by the 3.0.3 update, which turned out to be more than I expected. A few things didn’t make it into the book, due to time or space issues (at this stage, I couldn’t add or delete any pages), so I’ll add that material to this site when I get the chance.

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