Added Google AdSense

The text banner at the top of the page below the title is the product of Google’s AdSense program. You’ve probably run into a few of these on the Web already, and you’re sure to see a lot more. Essentially, it’s a mechanism whereby every time someone clicks on a link, I earn a tiny referral fee.

According to Google, the ads are chosen based on the content of the page in which the banner appears, so you’re more likely to see something of interest. When I load this iMovie blog, however, I’m seeing lots of ads for Adobe GoLive. I’m guessing this is because I’m the co-author of Real World Adobe GoLive, but I’m not sure where Google is making that distinction (perhaps because this iMovie site is located on my own site?). Am I going crazy, or are you seeing it too? Email me and let me know.

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