Pricing Deal on iMovie HD/iDVD 5 QuickProject

It’s funny, but Amazon has offered discounted books for so long that I just assumed that discounts automatically apply. But when I last looked at the Amazon page for Making a Movie in iMovie HD and iDVD 5: Visual QuickProject Guide, it has no discount. (Of course, the book is ridiculously low-priced at $12.99, but I like a deal as much as the next person.)

However, you can get the book directly from Peachpit for $11.69 (10% off) by clicking this link. If you sign up as a member of Peachpit Press, you can get it for $9.09 (30% off). Either way, shipping is free. (Ordering from Peachpit also gives me a slightly higher affiliate percentage, if you’re interested in supporting your friendly neighborhood computer book author.)

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