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Macworld’s iMovie for iOS Hands-On

The app doesn’t come out until Friday, but Jason Snell was able to spend some time with the new iMovie as part of his iPad 2 review and reports on his experience: Hands on with iMovie for iPad One surprise: He was able to get iMovie to run on an original iPad, even though Apple ...


Tips and Tricks for iMovie Transitions

In my latest article for Macworld, I go into detail about using transitions in iMovie ’11: Tips and Tricks for iMovie Transitions


Mastering iMovie Trailers at Macworld

When iMovie ’11 was released, the snazziest new feature was movie trailers, an easy way to create a short movie that had professional-quality editing and a soundtrack (recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, no less). But a movie trailer seemed like a one-shot distraction. Sure, it was fun, but was that it? In my latest ...


iLife ’11 on the New Mac App Store

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.6.6, notable for including the Mac App Store. I think the App Store is a great thing for most Mac users, providing a clean, understandable way to buy and install applications. (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve helped someone with a Mac who has been confused about ...


Talking iMovie ’11 on MacVoices

On Tuesday I chatted with Chuck Joiner about what’s new in iMovie ’11 and my TidBITS article, “15 Secrets of iMovie ’11” for the MacVoices podcast. Chuck is always great to talk to, and indulged me when I found myself having to back up and explain things like rolling shutter, CMOS camera sensors, and interlaced ...


15 Secrets of iMovie ’11

There’s a lot more going on with iMovie ’11 than movie trailers and audio editing. In this TidBITS article, I reveal several tips, trivia, and otherwise unknown aspects of Apple’s video editor: ”15 Secrets of iMovie ’11“. Here are a couple of items to tease you: Made with Morse — Speaking of trailers, you can choose ...


My Macworld iMovie ’11 Review

Macworld has now posted my review of iMovie ’11. I gave it 4.5 mice, up from the 4 mice I gave iMovie ’09 largely due to the inclusion of audio editing features that have finally caught up (and slightly exceeded) those of the late, lamented iMovie HD 6. Putting together a video last night drove ...


iMovie ’11 Supported Cameras

Apple has updated its list of cameras that work with iMovie ’11, now with a pull-down menu interface that lets you locate your camera model (versus scanning a long list):


First Look: iMovie ’11

So what’s new in iMovie ’11? Check out my First Look: iMovie ’11 at Macworld for details. The article was supposed to be only 600 words, but I easily doubled that. And, there are more features I didn’t have room to include (more on these soon).


Regain the Timeline in iMovie ’11

I’m using iMovie ’11 right now and working on a First Look article for Macworld. In the meantime, here’s something pretty huge: iMovie ’11 brings back the traditional timeline! It only takes a couple of clicks. If you’ve been holding off on the new iMovie because there’s no timeline, it’s time to take another look. ...