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My iMovie ’09 Review at Macworld

Macworld today published my review of iMovie ’09, in which I give the new version 4 mice for its improvements. I haven’t been able to say much about iMovie since I got the assignment, since I needed to remain impartial until the review was out. But now I can say: I like iMovie ’09 a ...


Importing Video from a FireWire Camcorder to an Aluminum MacBook

(Also posted at TidBITS.) Apple’s newest consumer laptop is a package full of shiny power, but it also lacks a FireWire port. That means no FireWire Target Disk Mode, no support for external hard drives with FireWire interfaces, and no support for digital camcorders that have FireWire (or i.Link) ports. In an email response to ...


QuickTime 7.5 Addresses Security Concerns, iMovie and iDVD Updated

While the iPhone 3G and Snow Leopard grabbed everyone’s attention this week, Apple also released security and bug-fix updates to QuickTime, iMovie ’08, and iDVD ’08. QuickTime 7.5 tackles several security issues dealing with maliciously crafted media: PICT images, AAC-encoded media, and Indeo video. It also changes the behavior of handling URLs by revealing files ...