Macworld’s iMovie for iOS Hands-On

The app doesn’t come out until Friday, but Jason Snell was able to spend some time with the new iMovie as part of his iPad 2 review and reports on his experience: Hands on with iMovie for iPad

One surprise: He was able to get iMovie to run on an original iPad, even though Apple says it’s not supported. (At the iPad 2 launch event, I was told by Apple that iMovie would run on both iPad models, but then followup from the company later in the day revealed that the reps at the event mis-spoke.) Apple could still make it exclusive to the iPad 2 when the app ships for real on March 11—Jason was using a pre-release version for review purposes—or Apple might just shrug its shoulders and say, “Hey, how nice of you to get it working on an original iPad,” and then not speak of it again.

I’ll have much more to say about iMovie for iOS early next week.

Update: Alas, the final version of iMovie (which was made available on the App Store today) won’t sync to a first-generation iPad. Oh well.

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