15 Secrets of iMovie ’11

There’s a lot more going on with iMovie ’11 than movie trailers and audio editing. In this TidBITS article, I reveal several tips, trivia, and otherwise unknown aspects of Apple’s video editor: ”15 Secrets of iMovie ’11“.

Here are a couple of items to tease you:

Made with Morse — Speaking of trailers, you can choose which studio logo appears at the front. In the Signals Across the Globe trailer, the music that plays in the background is actually Morse code for “Made with iMovie.”

Change All Title or Transition Styles — If you decide to change the style of an existing title, you can drop a new style onto the section of the clip the title occupies (the video clip turns bright blue to indicate you’re affecting the title). Now, when you replace a title style, iMovie asks if you’d like to replace just the one title or all titles in the project. The same option applies to replacing transitions, too.

  1. Jeff ….. WE HAVE A PROBLEM ……. there is still one thing that nobody is talking about – so much so that it is conspicuous. There is still no indication that you can make a high definition (AVCHD) copy, on some kind of portable media (DVD), of your movie creation!!!! NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I haven’t seen it yet, and that is the first, number one question that I have been asking. What is wrong with everyone??? Isn’t it obvious that after allowing you to import high def footage, allowing you to edit it into a fabulous creation in the computer, that you need some way to get it out of the computer in high definition? What is going on? It looks like all that people are interested in, is to be able to create something that they can put on YouTube. Yuck! What a low quality final result! Any comments?
    Very much appreciate a moment of your time ….. truly


  2. Rick,
    There are ways to get HD out of the computer. If you don’t like YouTube, you can export a movie file in HD and copy it to a DVD if you want, or upload a full-quality version to MobileMe, or Vimeo, or others.
    There’s no built-in support for creating a Blu-ray disc, because Apple is clearly not interested in Blu-ray. (Steve jobs called it a “bag of hurt,” I think, at one point.) But you can export 1080p to a file and play that through an Apple TV, or burn it to a disc to run on a computer. Programs like Toast do support Blu-ray burning if you own a third-party Blu-ray burning drive, so you can take a file exported out of iMovie, run it through Toast, and have exactly what you’re looking for.
    So, there are definitely options.


  3. i took movies of 3 days in vt with my zoom q3 video recorder and when editing in imovie and dragging clips from event browser to project browser, the audio gets lost in some clips, not all. Audio stays okay in the event browser in all clips. apple cant figure out the problem. they dont think its the hardware. they suspect the recorder. its a new macbook pro mac 0s x ver. 10.7.2. Any comment?


  4. Jose,
    That does sound odd. I wonder if the format the Q3 records in isn’t quite compatible. Try selecting the clips and choosing File > Optimize Video and see if that makes any difference.


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