It’s Hard Out Here for a Freelancer

RooftopWhen I first began as a freelance writer, my old boss said, “Great, now you can work 24 hours a day!” He was only half-kidding, of course. Conversely, as a freelancer with no set hours, I could do crazy things like go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon (I’ve done it twice in 10 years).

Today feels like the intersection of the two, and is honestly one of the things I like about being self-employed. I’m pretty busy, working lots of late nights… but I also have the luxury of going up to the rooftop deck on my building in Fremont to sip a latté and enjoy the sunshine and 61-degree Seattle spring weather. (Photo taken with a Treo 650.)

  1. Andrew Laurence May 9, 2006 at 9:17 am

    61℉? Dude, that’s not spring, that’s *winter*!


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