Goodbye 2006

The new year’s arrival echoed most of 2006: it happened almost as an afterthought. Kim and I stayed home New Year’s Eve, she with a cold and me with work to do, and our good friend Shannon came over to see what a Carlson New Year’s Eve was like. Fortunately, she didn’t have high expectations, and we delivered. We were playing a board game when the skies outside turned into a barrage of thumps and booms, and we realized that 2007 was here. (I must point out that the fireworks here in Seattle are nothing like the battlezone we experienced in Renton; that was downright scary some years, and I had a mental map of where the supplies were located in case I needed to hose down the roof should it catch fire.)

Okay, 2006 wasn’t a terrible year by any means. But personally, I was often frustrated in terms of productivity (work output, which was lower, but also my capability to focus on tasks without a giant deadline looming) and a few personal issues that came up (which have worked out fine in the end, but weren’t much fun to deal with).

I find myself greeting 2007 with a sigh of relief and some small measure of gratification that I’m hitting the new year in motion. In fact, I’m busy as hell, working long hours and drinking a lot of coffee. I’m more than halfway through a book update that I thought wouldn’t get off the ground (my fault), I’m preparing to give two presentations at Macworld Expo next week, and at least one, but possibly two, books right around the corner. As those of us in the freelance world know, it’s good to be busy, and I’m starting 2007 in an accelerated state.

All this is to say: Happy New Year, and I’ll try to blog more. Which is what everyone is saying right now, but still.

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