Garden Violet

It’s now been over three months since my daughter was born, and I’m only now starting to feel like things are stabilizing. Not that she knocked anything out of whack, per se, but that everything is just different enough that I haven’t done some things – like update this blog. (I’ve been blogging about Ellie, of course, but that’s different.)

So what am I up to? I’ve been keeping busy, like a good freelancer. A lot of my time lately, it seems, has been spent in the management and work required to get new work: making article proposals and the like. I’m within striking distance of finishing The Adobe Photoshop Express Pocket Guide, doing some work on the TidBITS site design, writing a few articles, and fielding a request to license one of my photos for a display.

With the weather turning, there’s that familiar sense of renewal in the air, so perhaps that will inspire me to blog more often.

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