Second Beach

Photos from a wonderful weekend camping at Second Beach, near La Push, Washington.

Although my wife and I have been tent camping for years, we hadn’t really backpacked and had never camped on a beach before—surprising, considering that we live in Seattle where beaches are nearby and accessible. So when our friends Diane and Jay invited us to go, we immediately said yes. Our daughters could play all weekend, and we’d get to enjoy a new experience.

Second Beach near La Push, Washington, was crowded on the penultimate weekend of the summer. With a ferry ride, traffic, and lunch, it took us nearly five hours to get there. Once parked in the Second Beach overflow lot, we geared up and hiked a little more than a mile to the beach itself, scrambling over driftwood logs at the end to reach the sand. Despite the crowd, the wind (which was stiff during the afternoon, but died down in the evening), we had a fantastic time.

I’d brought my camera just in case, not really knowing what to expect. And for that I was rewarded generously. I felt a little guilty, regularly grabbing it and heading off down the beach to catch some beautiful light or the kids doing something fun. And as the sun went down and the moon rose, it only got better. Here are some shots from the weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

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