Landscapes in Red: Melissa D. Jones

At Complete Digital Photography, I wrote about Melissa D. Jones and her fantastic @rouxroamer photos.

I’m happy to share a new article posted today at Complete Digital Photography in their Photographers We Love series. I wrote about Melissa D. Jones and her @rouxroamer photos on Instagram and elsewhere. Her work is fantastic. From the article:

Start with a landscape, and then throw in a shock of color—something bright and contrasty to arrest the eye. It’s an easy way to get attention, but pull the same technique too many times and it can become a gimmick. If you’re a photographer with the skill of Melissa D. Jones, however, you use it to display the world in a unique and different way.

Read the article here: Landscapes in red: the work of Melissa D. Jones.

Also check out Melissa’s book Women with Wanderlust: A Guide to Roaming.

Complete Digital Photography is the site associated with the book of the same name (in its 8th edition!) by Ben Long, and Complete Digital Photography Press, run by Rick LePage. The press recently published Panoramas Made Simple by Hudson Henry. Go check ’em out!

Photo: Golden Moment, ©Melissa D. Jones (all rights reserved)

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