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Making a Model

This has been linked quite a bit in the past week, but I want to add my own extra bit. Go watch this short (<1 minute) video that demonstrates a beautiful but normal woman at a photo shoot being made up (in real life and in Photoshop) for a billboard ad. Then, go check out ...


My Inner 7th Grader

My inner 7th grader read this Seattlest post and let out a big obnoxious laugh (you have to follow the link on that page). Sometimes that inner 7th grader just needs to get out.



This cartoon neatly summarizes what my life has been like the last couple of weeks with lots of article deadlines (via BoingBoing, via Cyrus).


Are You Somebody?

Long essay by Tara Ison about dating an unnamed relatively famous actor in LA: “Are you Somebody?” Very much worth the read. His is an awkward level of fame. A mid-level, ambiguous, tenuous degree of famousness, dependent on whether or not you’ve seen his recurring guest spot on a hit network legal drama, the late-night ...


Bourdain in Beirut

Chef and author Anthony Bourdain got caught in Beirut when Israel attacked, which he writes about at Salon: “Watching Beirut die.” From where I’m sitting, poolside, I can see the airport burning — the last of the jet fuel cooking off like a dying can of sterno. There’s a large, black plume of smoke coming ...


Patron Saints of Graphic Design

Designer W. Lynn Garrett has identified the six Patron Saints of Graphic Design, with beautiful accompanying artwork (which you can purchase). No surprise, Saint Anxieté (“Martyr, Patron of Impossible Deadlines & Foamy Coffee”) is one of my favorites: This thirteenth-century domestic servant worked for two generations of the wealthy Asap family, who were often annoyed ...


My Dog Is Smarter

My friend Mark created this bumper sticker (“My Dog Is Smarter Than Your President”) on his own printer a while back, and I encouraged him to make a real bumper-sticker out of it. Now, thanks to the wonders of Café Press, you can buy one ($4), plus T-shirts with variations like “My Lab is Smarter…” ...


Best Scathing British Article

Tonight I worship at the writerly feet of the Guardian UK’s Marina Hyde, who writes about US football (soccer) fans at the World Cup in “Over-excited, overweight, and over here“. Here’s just the beginning: Is there a more appealing chant in world football – or indeed world warfare – than “USA! USA! USA!”? The very ...


Fremont Solstice Parade 2006

After running some errands this morning, Kim and I grabbed some breakfast at The Dish, an always-busy Fremont eatery. Today was the first day of the Fremont Fair, so there were a lot of people about. But it wasn’t until we saw our first naked cyclist that we realized the Solstice Parade was today, not ...


Endless Photomosaics

The next time I get really, really drunk, I’m going here.