Making a Model

This has been linked quite a bit in the past week, but I want to add my own extra bit. Go watch this short (<1 minute) video that demonstrates a beautiful but normal woman at a photo shoot being made up (in real life and in Photoshop) for a billboard ad.

Then, go check out my friend Jennifer’s organization About-Face to learn more about what it means to be beautiful.

  1. That film made me cry.
    Try factoring aging into the equation; even women who think they have achieved beauty by industry standards are haunted by the knowledge that age will take that type of beauty from them. Makeup makes women look worse, rather than better, as they age, which is why so many have cosmetic surgery — to create a fresh canvas for troweling on the makeup.


  2. Talking about models one can never be sure if the girl is real or everything is made on photoshop.The photographers are making everything possible to make the girls look perfect but in the real life 90% of them don’t look as on billboards.


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