Behind the Scenes of Cool Sprint Ad

At the movie theater the other night, I saw a really cool ad for Sprint. What appear to be lots of people with flashlights draw all sorts of images, from flowers to giant fish to picture frames and more, all animated using stop-motion photography so that the flashlight beams meld together to create the shapes. You can view the ad here:

Well, it turns out that what you see is exactly what it is. The effects aren’t computer-generated; they were created over a period of four nights by people with flashlights. The making-of video is really cool:

  1. I saw the same ad, but had zero memory of it having anything to do with Sprint. I do remember, though, that while I was watching it I wondered why any company would spend money on an B2C ad that told consumers nothing specific about any benefits or features of its products or services.
    What did I miss? What was I supposed to have come away thinking about Sprint? That they have a product I can’t visualize, can’t remember the name of, and have no idea where to buy, that sounds sort of like an iconic product that’s a runaway bestseller for a competitor — the Apple/AT&T iPhone.
    The only winner here is the outside ad agency that got paid to make the ad.


  2. I would agree. I did remember it was Sprint, only because I wanted to know who was cool enough to do something that was obviously labor-intensive and interesting. (And, I suspect, was more expensive than CG, but maybe not).


  3. I didn’t know that this is such kind of photography but it sounds very interesting.I’ll ask my friend for more information as he is a photographer.


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