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Oooooh: espressomap is a simple site that uses Google Maps to identify excellent espresso venues in North America. Type your zip code to find out what’s near you!


Both Sides of Valentine’s Day

I’ve run across two Valentine’s Day sweets today, hitting both ends of the V-Day spectrum: Ags tells me I need to go Cupcake Royale for the Deathcake Royale, a death-by-chocolate cupcake “made with Theo‘s organically grown, dark Madagascar & Venezuelan single origin chocolates, Stumptown‘s bold Sumatra coffee beans, and a chocolaty cupcake love so intense, ...


Top 10 Flickr Hacks

I’m a big fan of the photo-sharing site Flickr, where you can view my latest pictures: Flickr has an open API, which means developers can create their own applications that tie into the Flickr service. One example is FlickrExport, which I use to upload photos directly from iPhoto to my Flickr stream. On the ...


Truth and Meaning in WSJ Article

My friend Glenn made a PDF of the Wall Street Journal article in which I appear ("Now on DVD: Holiday Cards"), so I was able to read it even though I’m not a WSJ subscriber. It’s an amusing overview of people who are sending DVDs with a bit of information on how to do it. ...


iTunes Smart Playlist Adventure

I almost always listen to music via iTunes while I’m working, but I do find myself gravitating to the handful of recent albums purchased. At some point I created a Smart Playlist that shows me music that hasn’t played during the past year. It’s a nice eclectic mix of tunes, with 121 items covering 9 ...


I Finally Made CARS

No, not the Pixar movie. I’m “quoted” in an article at Crazy Apple Rumors Site: According to a report by Radar Online, Apple has decided to drop Justin Long, the actor who plays the Mac in the “I’m a Mac” ad campaign. The news left the Macintosh community stunned. It then left it in denial. ...


Espresso Machine from Bomb Shells

Okay, enough about me and my progress on conquering all media. Let’s get back to the important stuff: coffee! Specifically, a man in Ethiopia who converts old weapon shells into espresso machines: “From weapons of war to great coffee“. I love this on so many levels that my head is spinning (or maybe that’s from ...


Authors on the celebrity circuit

So, after I appeared in the Seattle Times yesterday, I got an email from my father who points out that my officemate Kim Ricketts appears in today’s edition: “Authors on the celebrity circuit“. The article is about the types of literary events that she puts on, where an author comes to town and speaks to ...


Al Gore at Starbucks HQ

Smiling Al Gore Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. I broke away from the office for a few hours Tuesday afternoon to catch an appearance by former Vice President Al Gore at Starbucks headquarters. He was in town to give his Keynote (not PowerPoint; I know, Mac geek) presentation on global warming the night before, and ...


Making a Model

This has been linked quite a bit in the past week, but I want to add my own extra bit. Go watch this short (<1 minute) video that demonstrates a beautiful but normal woman at a photo shoot being made up (in real life and in Photoshop) for a billboard ad. Then, go check out ...