New: Photoshop Elements 5 VQS!

Okay, this is a bit belated, but I’ve been busy. My last big deadline in January was a bit of a departure for me: a book about a Windows program. Toward the end of last year, my editor at Peachpit Press asked if I’d be interested in updating an existing book. The original author wasn’t able to do the update due to other commitments, and since I didn’t have a big project on my plate at the time, I said yes.

The result is Photoshop Elements 5: Visual QuickStart Guide, now on sale at for just $14.95. From the blurb:

Newly updated to cover Photoshop Elements 5, it details the hottest new features: new advanced color and lighting controls, new customizable layouts, Flash-based web photo galleries, the new Flipbook feature, which lets you string together a series of still photos to create an eye-catching and fun flipbook, and the ability to download and edit photos directly from your mobile phone or handheld device. Both beginning and advanced users will find what they need here–in straightforward language and with readily accessible examples.

I credit Craig Hoeschen for making my job much easier. In addition to performing an update polish of everything throughout, my main contributions were to rearrange the material to better match Adobe’s new focus in Elements toward being a photo organizer and less as “Photoshop Lite” (though they didn’t rip out any of the features).

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