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Voicemail QuickStart Guide

  Apple TV Pr0n    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. My wonderful copyeditor on my current book project made a funny side comment in email asking if I could explain her cell phone company some day in the same way that I describe how to do things in my books (embarrassingly, that page hasn’t been ...


Back Up Data to Digital Camera

I contributed to a Macworld article that’s now available online: “Three for the road: Expert tricks for getting more from your Mac laptop.” My section talks about how to use the memory card in your digital camera (which these days are likely to be 1 GB or more) as an easy backup solution while you’re ...


My Apple TV Review at Seattle Times

Instead of a regular Practical Mac column this week, I reviewed the Apple TV: Computer, television learning to get along. Despite my few reservations, the Apple TV is compelling because Apple has done the living room right. The quality of the experience stands out the most, supported by the overall polish and attention to detail ...


New: Photoshop Elements 5 VQS!

Okay, this is a bit belated, but I’ve been busy. My last big deadline in January was a bit of a departure for me: a book about a Windows program. Toward the end of last year, my editor at Peachpit Press asked if I’d be interested in updating an existing book. The original author wasn’t ...


At the End of a Big Project

  The Promise of Escape    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Sleep-deprived, outrunning post-Macworld Expo colds, and with lots to do before a book deadline on Wednesday. But getting out of the car in Fremont this morning revealed this bright sight.


Truth and Meaning in WSJ Article

My friend Glenn made a PDF of the Wall Street Journal article in which I appear ("Now on DVD: Holiday Cards"), so I was able to read it even though I’m not a WSJ subscriber. It’s an amusing overview of people who are sending DVDs with a bit of information on how to do it. ...


I’m in the Wall Street Journal

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan interviewed me for the Wall Street Journal about creating a holiday DVD (versus a holiday letter), and the article has now appeared on the WSJ Web site: “Now on DVD: Holiday Cards.” However, because I’m not a subscriber, I can’t read it (damn subscription crap). Anyone able to send me the text? ...


Create Time-Lapse Movie

Macworld has published online an article I wrote: Create a Time-Lapse Movie. Although you can’t fast-forward life (caffeine notwithstanding), you can speed up time in your movies with time-lapse photography. This video technique compresses hours of action into mere seconds—clouds roll overhead, the sun races toward the horizon, and flowers bloom before your eyes. Best ...


My Picture (and Article) in the Seattle Times

Jeff and Prints Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Here’s another first for me: If you read Saturday’s Seattle Times, you might have caught my picture in the Business section. Not my headshot that sometimes accompanies my Practical Mac column (which appears online), but an actual photo of me. It goes along with an article I ...


Back up Photos on the Road

Traveling for the holidays? Or just travel in general? Digital cameras let you shoot lots of pictures, but where will you store them? Glenn Fleishman and I co-wrote an article for Macworld about how to deal with an abundance of digital photos, with an eye toward traveling without a laptop in tow. It’s now available ...