My Picture (and Article) in the Seattle Times

Jeff and Prints

Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Here’s another first for me: If you read Saturday’s Seattle Times, you might have caught my picture in the Business section. Not my headshot that sometimes accompanies my Practical Mac column (which appears online), but an actual photo of me. It goes along with an article I wrote, “How to get big prints out of digital images,” which looks at ways to print digital photos larger than a standard 8 by 10.

When talking to my editor about artwork to accompany the article, he suggested that we get a shot of me with the prints I had made while writing the article. On Wednesday, Times photographer Ken Lambert came to my office and we improvised a little session that resulted in the image that appeared. I sort of look like I’m posing with a prize-winning ham at a county fair, but oh well.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

At the urging of a photographer friend, I entered a few of my digital photos in a juried competition, the 2006 Environmental Photography Invitational ( To my pleasure — and surprise — one picture of mine was chosen as part of this year’s winners.

But that presented a problem.

How would I transform my digital image into a physical print that would stand up not only to gallery lighting but the discriminating eyes of pro photographers? Although it’s easy to make snapshot-sized prints these days, whether using a kiosk at the drugstore or ordering them online, outputting high-quality, large-format photos can be trickier. If you’ve considered making a large print of one of your favorite photos to hang (or sell), several options are available.

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