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Snow Leopard Pocket Guide Now in Stock

I received my first author copies of The Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Pocket Guide this week, and they look great! I also checked this morning and saw that the book is now in stock and available (and still costs only $10, with free shipping for Amazon Prime members!). Peachpit has also posted ...


My Seattle Times Review of Snow Leopard

…is now posted: “Snow Leopard: The big improvements come under the hood“. Choice paragraph: How often in software do you get something that fundamentally makes something better instead of just making it bigger? When you’re talking about operating systems, that answer is once — now. Also, Peachpit confirmed that my book, “The Mac OS X ...


Pre-Order My Snow Leopard Pocket Guide!

This has definitely been a busy book year for me, and my latest title is about to hit store shelves (online and physical) soon: The Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Pocket Guide! The book will be available when Snow Leopard arrives, and is available now as a pre-order. The Snow Leopard Pocket Guide is ...


New Article: Five Cool and Useful Techniques for iMovie ’09 and iDVD has posted an article I wrote about iMovie and iDVD: Five Cool and Useful Techniques for iMovie ’09 and iDVD. And remember: You can download the iDVD portion of my book for free here (PDF).


My Seattle Times Review of the iPhone 3GS

My review of the iPhone 3GS is now live on the Seattle Times Web site, a day ahead of when it’s scheduled to appear in print. I like the new iPhone quite a bit; Apple sent me a review unit, but I had also ordered one the day it was announced. I skipped the iPhone ...


How Not to Write Article Leads

Macworld Editor Jason Snell (@jsnell) posted a quick series of “Editor’s laments” today on Twitter that are a great reference for how not to start articles. If you’ve had any journalistic training, you should know these and avoid them, but I still see them all the time. (And as Jason posted them, I tried to ...


Recover Erased Photos from a Memory Card

Have you done the bone-headed thing I did recently? I erased a memory card in my camera, and then realized I hadn’t transferred the latest photos to my computer. Fortunately, they’re easy to recover as I write about in an article at TidBITS: Recover Erased Photos from a Memory Card (2009-06-03). I look at four ...


My Photoshop Elements 7 Book On Sale

I just received word from Peachpit that my Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide is part of a new VQS promotion that Barnes & Noble is running this month. It’s available for 30 percent off ($20.99) in physical bookstores (look for a “stepladder” display), or $18.89 online if you’re a Barnes & Noble ...


Metaphor for My Brain

Walking home from the bus stop tonight, I came up with a metaphor for my brain. You see, I’m often frustrated by the way I work. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and mulling, rewriting article leads, figuring out in what order things should appear, trying to determine which things are more important ...


Ellie in the Seattle Times

I wrote a review of the Nikon D90 camera for the Seattle Times (see Nikon, Canon push digital still cameras to a new level, Nov. 15, 2008), and included an image of Ellie to demonstrate the camera's low-light capabilities.