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Recent Writings

I’ve been doing a fair bit of article writing lately (with five assignments I’m working on currently, and at least two articles that are written but haven’t been published yet), so I want to point out a few pieces that might interest you. My latest Practical Mac column was the 9th most read article at ...


Free Chapter of iMovie/iDVD Visual QuickStart Guide

I’m excited to announce that the entire first chapter of my latest book is now available as a free downloadable PDF file. “iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide,” in addition to having an absurdly long title, is the best-selling guide for getting up and running with the latest ...


iMovie 6/iDVD 6 Book Is Out!

Finally, today, I see that Amazon has iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 Visual QuickStart Guide in stock and shipping. Hooray! I’m still waiting to see a copy myself, in all of its full color goodness. And it’s still available for 37% off: c’mon, a full-color, information-packed guide for $16? That’s a great deal.


++ Caffeine – Sleep = Deadline

  Espresso at Cugini Cafe    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. I’m working frantically on the last stretch of my iMovie Visual QuickStart Guide, which means I’m going to bed no earlier than 1 am and drinking an absurd amount of coffee. But it’s good coffee. And there’s a certain satisfaction about being in the ...


Seattle Times column: Video Sharing Sites

My most recent Practical Mac column for the Seattle Times on Saturday was about popular video-sharing sites such as, and how to upload movies to them from your Mac. As it happens, if you own a relatively recent Mac and a digital camera (either a camcorder or still camera that can shoot video, which ...


I’m Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Reporter Jim Carlton interviewed me and several other writers and laptop users for his article Secrets of the Tech-Savvy Traveler. Nothing can ruin a trip like losing all the files in a laptop or digital camera from a hard-drive crash. That’s why Mr. Carlson, the free-lance writer, took no chances on a recent safari to ...


Crea un film con iMovie HD e iDVD!

Today’s mail brought a wonderful surprise: two copies of my Making a Movie in iMovie HD and iDVD 5 in Italian! The book shares the same layout as the original, but sports different dimensions: 5 1/2 by 7 3/8 inches, which feels like a good reference-book size. It’s priced at 12 euros. One reason I’m ...


My Final Cut Express HD review at has just published my review of Final Cut Express HD. It’s a good revision, though less compelling for people who already use Final Cut Express and don’t plan on working in HDV. But I was happy to see that the iMovie support has improved: Final Cut Express HD also features improved iMovie project import, ...


My Seattle Times column on Apple-Intel

My Practical Mac column in the Seattle Times today takes an overview look at Apple’s decision to shift to Intel processors: What’s in store for Macs with Intel processor inside.