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It’s a Book! First Copy of My “iPad Pocket Guide”!

My prolific friend David Blatner started a tradition in the office we once shared. Whenever he published a new book (which is still pretty often) and received his first author copy, he’d bring it around to someone else’s desk and say, “It’s a book!” Now that I’ve published dozens of books myself, I still do ...


My review of the 15-inch MacBook Pro (2010)

I’ve been pretty singularly focused on the iPad since its release, having finished my iPad Pocket Guide (due in stores likely in the next week or so!) and now working on a Take Control ebook about the iPad. But while I was writing the Pocket Guide, Apple sent me a new 15-inch MacBook Pro review ...


Increase Your iPad Media Storage for Just $49

[This post also appears at TidBITS.] Here’s a cool iPad tip suggested by one of our awesome TidBITS readers. Commenter “Mikey” asks: Can you use the SD Card Adapter to watch or import h.264 movies? The idea is that if you watch many movies or other video content, you’d want a lot of storage on ...


I think I’ve figured out the Big Deal about the iPad

One difficult thing about being a tech writer and having an iPad is answering the questions, “Why would I want one?” and “Will it replace my laptop?” Well, I think I’ve finally figured out why the iPad is a Big Deal: it’s a spontaneous computing device. Read more in my Seattle Times column this week.


Talking about G10/G11 Book on MacVoices

On a recent MacVoices podcast, I joined Chuck Joiner to talk about the making of my (almost ridiculously long-titled) book “Canon PowerShot G10/G11: From Snapshots to Great Shots.” What’s great about this episode is that we were joined by photographers Jeff Lynch and Justin Van Leeuwen, who contributed photos for the book through an experimental ...


Free Sample Chapter of My iPad Pocket Guide

The iPad was released last weekend, and to celebrate I’ve made an excerpt from my book The iPad Pocket Guide available as a free download from (You need to click the “Sample Content” tab toward the bottom of the page to access the download link.) As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on the ...


My book “iPad Pocket Guide” Is Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m hard at work on my next book, The iPad Pocket Guide, which is now available for pre-order at for only $10.19 and at Barnes & Noble for $10.11! Amazon lists the release date as June 11, but I’m sure that’s just a placeholder. I want to have most of the book written by ...


Frugal Mac Buyer Suggestions

My latest column for the Seattle Times is online, which looks at several areas to save money when buying Mac-related items: Plenty of ways for frugal Mac users to save on products (15 January 2010).


Two New Articles Posted this Week

My latest Seattle Times column is online, which is about when my wife’s MacBook drive exploded and how I recovered her data: You can’t have too many backups for Mac hard drives. In my most recent iMovie column for Macworld, I look at several methods for stretching the boundaries of iMovie’s editing interface: Maximize Your ...


Organize Your iMovie Video Library

Macworld has published an article of mine: Organize Your iMovie Video Library. Learn how to mark video as favorites, assign keywords, and get your video library under control.