Organize Your iMovie Video Library

Macworld has published an article of mine: Organize Your iMovie Video Library. Learn how to mark video as favorites, assign keywords, and get your video library under control.

  1. I need your expert advice. I took my Panasonic digital camcorder to Walmart’s Photo dept. and asked them to download the valuable contents to discs so it would be saved. They did save it{3 discs} but said it can’t be played on a dvd player attached to my tv. Now all I want to know is ; can those discs be ” Formated” or reburned so I can play them on my Television DVD player. If so who should I take the discs to in order to have it done safely. I am an Imac Leopard user but not very capable of downloading valuable digital video. I am reading your ” Imovie’08 & iDVD’ 08 book now that is where I got this address. Hope you can help me find a reputable recoding place to have this procedure done. Would an Apple Consultant be appropriate?


  2. Hi Eric,
    An Apple Consultant would be a good choice. Not knowing what format the videos are in, I would imagine these are the steps (simplified) to get them onto a DVD you can play in any DVD player. (You can do it yourself if you want.)
    1. Insert the first disc and copy the contents to a folder on your hard disk. Repeat for the other discs.
    2. Open iDVD and add the video files from your hard disk.
    3. Burn a DVD from within iDVD.


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