Valley of Light

Valley of Light

My wife and I spent the weekend near Leavenworth, Washington at a cozy cabin with this as the view. Although I didn’t know if there would be much of a sunset the first night, the sun shone horizontally down a nearby valley for a wonderful show. Having a glass of wine at hand didn’t hurt, either. (Click to view the image larger.)

About the photo: I merged three exposures using Lightroom’s built-in HDR tool and then edited it further in Lightroom.

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  1. Mr. Carlson.
    You helped me so much with your macworld article on Photos.
    Thank you. Now if you’re all coffeed up maybe I can get one more question in. First, the “sharpening” feature in Photos which includes “edges” and “drop-off” in my editing suite seems not to work. All the other sliders effect the picture and can be seen changing the histogram but not the sharpening feature. Any thoughts? Thanks Jeff. Paul Wassman


    1. Hi Paul,

      If you zoom in on a photo and crank the Sharpen Intensity slider way up, you should see a difference. Edges looks for noticeable edges on which to apply the sharpening effect, while Falloff affects how the sharpening is applied at those edges. The results can be pretty subtle sometimes, which I applaud; iPhoto was too aggressive in its sharpening and made everything look chunky.


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