Sunflower Sunset

Usually when I visit my mom at the farm, I take it real easy. And I certainly did that on this week’s visit. But I also told myself I would try to do some photographing while here. One evening, my mom and I headed to a field of sunflowers in time to catch the sunset. Except for almost losing a shoe in a muddy stretch of irrigation at the edge of the field, it was a nice little excursion.

[View a higher-resolution version at Flickr.]

About the photo: Single shot captured on a tripod, 12mm at 1/30 second at f/2.8. Normally I’d use a narrower aperture to get more detail in focus in the background, but the light was fading pretty quickly, so I left this lens wide open. I exposed for the sunset so it wouldn’t be blown out, and brought up the detail in the field using a graduated filter in Lightroom.

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