Photos for OS X Editing Extensions

Photos ext tonality

The version of Photos for OS X that shipped with OS X El Capitan adds a new capability to Apple’s built-in photo management software: editing extensions. Although the adjustment tools in Photos are surprisingly sophisticated, they’re still fairly limited (and you still can’t edit an image in another application without exporting it first, a feature I liked in iPhoto and Aperture).

Editing extensions allow other developers to include their editing tools within Photos. For example, in the photo above, I’m still inside Photos but I’m applying MacPhun’s Tonality extension to make the image black and white using more options than are found in Photos’ own tool.

Over at Macworld, I explain how to install editing extensions and look at the ones currently on the market: Make Apple Photos for OS X more powerful with an editing extension.

I also included what I (humbly) think is one of my most amusing lines in an article of late; see if you can spot it. I’d forgotten I’d written it until I ran across it when proofing the final article and it made me chuckle.

(To learn more about how to use Photos for OS X, buy my book Photos for OS X and iOS, available now!)

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