How to Use the News App in iOS 9

iMore has published another article of mine, this one detailing how to set up and use the new News app under iOS 9: How to use the News app on your iPhone or iPad.

News is an interesting beast. It’s one way for Apple to get customers’ attentions in an area where they’re already looking: the news. People are increasingly getting their news from Facebook and Twitter, which means Apple is losing out on attention and, yes, advertising. The selling point is this: You can get the same articles and news reports you’re grabbing from half a dozen places on the Web, but without the clutter.

That said, News is still very much in its early stages. Apple only just released guidelines for publishers to optimize the reading experience for their channels. I’m in the News: You can follow as a channel (that link works on iOS devices). But right now, for some reason, the articles don’t show the top image on some posts, and because my channel is just an RSS feed so far, I don’t have a nifty title image on the Favorites screen; I need to dig into those guidelines myself.

Still, News is an interesting start.

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