Macworld Expo Coming Up

The champagne cork from New Year’s Eve hasn’t even fully dried out, and already it’s time for the main event in the Mac universe: Macworld Expo next week, January 9-12. The big question on my mind, of course, is whether Steve Jobs will announce iLife ’07, which has of late become tradition. Updating the iLife applications each year has worked well for Apple, providing fresh incentive for people buying new Macs. Because Apple is so tight-lipped about its product plans, I’ll be waiting at the keynote Tuesday morning to find out if I’m going to be busy or insanely busy once again.

If you’re going to the Expo, please come by and say hi! I’m giving three presentations:

  • On Wednesday the 10th, I’ll be at the Macworld booth stage (#408) with Adam and Tonya Engst and as many Take Control folks as we can find.
  • On Thursday the 11th, I’m speaking on “Graduate from iMovie HD to Final Cut Pro” at 1:15 pm as part of the Users Conference.
  • Then, at 3:00 pm, I’ll be in the Peachpit Press booth (#1001) talking about iMovie and signing copies of my books (this is the one to come to…let’s see if we can jam an aisle with people!). I’ll also be at the annual Netter’s Dinner that night, which meets at 6 pm at the top of the escalators leading down to South Hall.

If you won’t be at the show, check the blog here for news, as well as TidBITS where we’ll be writing up news in our usual post-keynote frantic group-write session. I’ll also be writing up my thoughts after the event for my Seattle Times Practical Mac column that will appear on January 13th 20th.

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