Did you get a camera for the holidays?

Now that the wrapping paper is strewn about the living room, is a new camcorder buried among the Christmas (or Hannukah) loot? If so, share what you received in the comments. I’m curious to know what people are using. (And by the way, if you did get a camera and are looking for a good after-Christmas gift, consider my book, currently 34% off at Amazon!)

Also, with Macworld Expo approaching, will we see an iMovie HD 7? What features should be in it? As usual, I have no inside knowledge of Apple’s plans, so I’ll be at the keynote address waiting for the news.

  1. We got a Sony DCR-SR30E for the family (this is the european version of your SR40 as far as I can tell). I didn’t realise we’d have such difficulty getting it to work with iMovie and Final Cut, but MPEG Streamclip http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html is ironing out that wrinkle nicely 🙂 I’ve already cut together my first iMovie project and burned it to SVCD using FfmpegX and Toast.


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