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Second Beach

Photos from a wonderful weekend camping at Second Beach, near La Push, Washington.

A Lightroom mobile HDR Experiment

While shooting the sunset the other night, I tried out the fairly-new HDR capture mode in Lightroom mobile on my iPhone 7. Consider me impressed! The app snaps three photos and merges them together right there, creating a DNG (Adobe’s “digital negative” format) with lots of image information for editing. I’m generally wary of in-camera ...

Shilshole Evening

Sailboats, sky photography, and a cup of coffee to keep me warm while capturing the sunset.

Lake Berryessa Spillway Flows Again

A decade ago, I captured the photo above at the Lake Berryessa Spillway, also known as the “Glory Hole.” The spillway is designed to direct overflow water beyond Monticello Dam, and unlike most, this one is a giant funnel that creates a hole in the lake. Seeing it in person is quite interesting, like you’re ...


Swimming in Green

My daughter spent a few weeks at “Grandma Camp,” staying with my mom and step-dad in northern California where the temperatures bounced between the high 80s and low 100s. They have a small swimming pool on their farm, which was a daily respite from the heat—and a lot of fun for my little fish. At ...


Ramona Falls

Moss grows on the rocks at the base of Ramona Falls in Oregon. When it’s 100 degrees outside and you’re visiting friends in Portland, what’s the thing to do? Head for the hills and hike seven miles roundtrip to visit a beautiful, cool waterfall! The trail to get there wasn’t necessarily cool, but the destination ...


Rainbow Leaf

The back of this leaf was like a rainbow—those are the genuine colors. Shot with an iPhone 5s and minimally processed in Instagram. View it large to get the full effect, especially the lovely vein details. I love autumn. If you like the work I do, please consider signing up for my low-volume newsletter that ...


Middle Falls black-and-white

September and October are turning out to be extremely busy for me, work wise, so as a quick distraction/mental escape here’s another photo of Middle Falls near McCloud, California. (Here’s an earlier shot I posted.) The falls are easily accessible after a short hike, and I imagine the autumn colors are starting to look really ...


Upper Newhalem Creek

(Click here to view the image larger) To reach this area of Newhalem Creek, you first follow the Rock Shelter trail, which ends in a section of mountain adorned with petroglyphs where Native Americans would take shelter from the elements. But don’t turn toward the shelter and its accessible trail. Instead, turn left at the ...


Middle Falls, McCloud River

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