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Cherry Blossoms at UW 2016

With scheduling and the big wind storm that ripped through the area last week, I figured I’d missed my opportunity to go to the University of Washington and enjoy the annual cherry blossom bloom. However, those hearty trees held on, and my family and I were treated to a vibrant display one late afternoon. It ...


Budding Spring in Seattle

I woke up with the feeling that it had been too long since I’d picked up my camera for some focused shooting (even though it’s been just a couple of weeks), so after taking my daughter to school, I grabbed a Car2Go and went to the University of Washington campus to check out the cherry ...


Tulip Dawn

When we went out for a sunrise photo shoot at the tulip fields near Mount Vernon, Washington, I had a few ideas in my head for what types of photos to create. I’ve been to the Tulip Festival before and shot the types of photos you see of the rows and rows of spectacular color. ...