Budding Spring in Seattle

Early Buds

I woke up with the feeling that it had been too long since I’d picked up my camera for some focused shooting (even though it’s been just a couple of weeks), so after taking my daughter to school, I grabbed a Car2Go and went to the University of Washington campus to check out the cherry blossoms in the Quad.

They’re not quite exploding—maybe a couple weeks to go—but it was nice to be outside in this gorgeous Seattle weather.

Blossom Season Starting

Without the spectacle of the snowy blossoms to photograph, I focused on the other thing I like about the Quad: all the tree branches and the shadows they create.

Bench Rest, UW

Being on campus in the morning in the middle of the week is peaceful and surprisingly quiet: everyone is heading to classes or enjoying the sun.

Outside Studies

Outside Messages

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