Cherry Blossoms at UW 2016

Cherry Blossoms at Twilight

With scheduling and the big wind storm that ripped through the area last week, I figured I’d missed my opportunity to go to the University of Washington and enjoy the annual cherry blossom bloom. However, those hearty trees held on, and my family and I were treated to a vibrant display one late afternoon.

UW Cherry Blossoms 2016

It was crowded with people, of course, which makes getting photos an adventure. Sometimes you end up with ghost crowds, as shown below (although it wasn’t such a problem that I would have cropped them out).

Rainier at the UW

I was happy with the results, though—most of these are HDR images processed either in Aurora HDR Pro or Lightroom. I was also fortunate that it wasn’t windy, which makes HDR shooting difficult; when branches move between exposures, the result is often blurry.

Moon and Cherry Blossoms

UW Cherry Blossoms 2016

The kiddo had a great time, too.

Ellie and the Cherry Blossoms


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