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“…the most exciting new book I’ve read this year”

Photographer Ron Martinsen (who I mentioned the other day about working with the Eye-Fi wireless memory card) has written a glowing review of The iPad for Photographers, where he not only expresses his opinion of the book as a whole, but also breaks down his thoughts on a chapter-by-chapter basis, too: Review: The iPad for ...


Proof the book is in the wild

Just visited the Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle and was happy to see the book front-faced on the shelf. Yay!


NaNoWriMo 2011 and “Winning”

On Wednesday night, I sat in our oversized brown chair and wrote a scene involving a double-cross, a sniper, a scientist, a Samoan, a former government spook, and a bronze pig. 1,439 words later, the scene was mostly finished and, with about an hour to spare before midnight, I pasted 50,462 words into a text ...


The most beautiful thing written about the Nov 22 snowstorm

A friend has been trying to drive from Portland to Seattle today, which as of this writing is taking about 10+ hours due to unexpectedly severe snow and ice. She’s less than a mile from her downtown exit and tweeting while her husband drives. Here’s what she just posted:


I’m a Father!

Kim and I are exceedingly happy to introduce our brand new daughter, Eliana Wren Carlson! Ellie was born Tuesday morning (Feb 5) at 8:48 am after a much faster-than expected labor. She weighed 7 lbs 3.5 oz and is 21 inches long. We didn’t know the gender until Ellie arrived, which I have to say ...


I Love Snow

Snow Branches Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Not to the degree that I want to live in it and deal with a frozen, muddy February, nor even enough to go skiing. I just love it when it appears, as it did today in Seattle.


Shiny Foil Trademark

Shiny Foil Trademark Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson At the beginning of the year, I applied for a trademark on a logo I designed (which is the best-selling design at my Never Enough Coffee store). It involved a fair bit of time and paperwork (and some money, of course), along with a little back-and-forth from ...


“To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail”

I’m a late convert to coffee. Before college, it was this brownish muck that everyone older than me drank. And then at some point I had a mocha, and from then on I was mixing Carnation Hot Cocoa mix and some ground French Press from a can to get me through my classes. It’s only ...


The January Project

If you’ve been paying attention to my Flickr gallery lately, you may have noticed a recent picture called “Bump”. That’s not just a random belly: Kim and I are going to be parents near the end of January! I know, we’re rushing into this – we’ve only been married 14 years – but we’re excited. ...