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New Book! Photos for OS X and iOS

Apple is in the middle of a dramatic overhaul of its photo software, discontinuing iPhoto and Aperture and replacing them with the new Photos for OS X. Since iPhoto was the pre-installed, easy-to-use application for managing digital photos on the Mac, millions of people use it for their photo libraries. But Photos for OS X ...


Photos Everywhere with Lightroom CC and Photos for OS X

While I was away on my photo workshop, I put the last touches on an article that’s now at TidBITS, Photos Everywhere with Lightroom CC and Photos for OS X (which enabled me to include some photos on location, like the Yoda statue at Lucasfilm headquarters). After writing the review of Lightroom CC for Macworld ...


The Apple Watch and Attention

The most important aspect of the Apple Watch isn’t going to be technology, but attention. In my latest Seattle Times column, I look at how a device that’s getting a lot of attention now is going to hopefully demand less of our attention once it’s released on April 24. Read it here: Apple Watch becomes ...


I Chat with Chuck Joiner about the Apple Watch and My New Book

Following my appearance last week on Chuck Joiner’s podcast, he invited me back to talk specifically about the Apple Watch (have you heard of it yet?) and my brand-new book Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course. We had a great conversation that went beyond just what the watch is good for and whether it ...


MacVoices Episode about Monday’s Apple Event

I joined Michael T. Rose and Chuck Joiner to talk about Monday’s Apple event for the MacVoices podcast, covering the Apple TV, HBO Now, the new MacBook, and, of course, the Apple Watch. Watch it here: MacVoices #15070: The MacJury Talks Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV and HBO Go


Pre-order The iPad for Photographers, Third Edition!

Hot on the presses, the third edition of The iPad for Photographers is done and being printed! I can’t wait for you to see the finished version, which has been updated to cover iOS 7, more wireless options, Lightroom mobile, a dedicated workflow chapter, and more. I also had fun re-shooting many of the chapter ...


Snoqualmie Falls Sunset

For Mother’s Day, we went up to Snoqualmie Falls (about an hour’s drive from Seattle) and had dinner with other family members at the Salish Lodge (it was delicious). Afterward, I did some shooting of the falls themselves as the sun went down. It’s not dramatic in this photo, but the lodge and the cliff ...


Tethered Shooting with Fuji Cameras via iPad

I’m seeing more examples of wireless iPad workflows for reviewing photos during a photo shoot. Most “tethered” situations require DSLRs (and usually just Nikon or Canon models). In this article, Don Craig employs an iPad, an Eye-Fi Mobi card, and the app Photosmith to sync images and metadata to Lightroom from Fuji cameras.


FruitJuice and laptop battery life in my latest Seattle Times column

Does your MacBook or MacBook Pro spend most of its time plugged into a power outlet? If so, you’re not exercising the laptop’s battery enough and are reducing its lifespan. That’s even more important now that MacBook models built since 2009 include built-in batteries that are not swappable. In my latest Seattle Times column, I ...