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FruitJuice and laptop battery life in my latest Seattle Times column

Does your MacBook or MacBook Pro spend most of its time plugged into a power outlet? If so, you’re not exercising the laptop’s battery enough and are reducing its lifespan. That’s even more important now that MacBook models built since 2009 include built-in batteries that are not swappable. In my latest Seattle Times column, I ...


Welcome! Read Me First

If you were redirected from or my iMovie blog, all of that information can now be found here at A few pointers: Click the Categories pop-up menu to jump to specific topics (such as iMovie). Important book updates and other timely items appear in the sidebar. The archives go back to 2003, so ...

Nuking the site from orbit

In the grand tradition of blog reboots, I’m drawing a line in the sand between the content that appeared before this redesign and what comes after. Sure, it would be nice to go back and clean up everything I’ve posted since 2003, but I don’t have the time or inclination. The good news is that ...


Subcompact Publishing

Our current tools are a bit kludgey, a bit clunky, a bit too tied to the past. The Magazine is a great first example of a subcompact publication, utilizing Newsstand — an existing under-leveraged tool — to indigenously and ingenuously deliver content.

Tactical Error

Today, Ellie and I went to the Seattle Aquarium and had a great time. On the way out, we stopped by the gift shop, where of course Ellie wanted to buy something. So we looked around, and when she grabbed a stuffed toy I said, “Something smaller.” She found a little plush river otter, and ...


NaNoWriMo 2011 and “Winning”

On Wednesday night, I sat in our oversized brown chair and wrote a scene involving a double-cross, a sniper, a scientist, a Samoan, a former government spook, and a bronze pig. 1,439 words later, the scene was mostly finished and, with about an hour to spare before midnight, I pasted 50,462 words into a text ...


The most beautiful thing written about the Nov 22 snowstorm

A friend has been trying to drive from Portland to Seattle today, which as of this writing is taking about 10+ hours due to unexpectedly severe snow and ice. She’s less than a mile from her downtown exit and tweeting while her husband drives. Here’s what she just posted:


I’m a Father!

Kim and I are exceedingly happy to introduce our brand new daughter, Eliana Wren Carlson! Ellie was born Tuesday morning (Feb 5) at 8:48 am after a much faster-than expected labor. She weighed 7 lbs 3.5 oz and is 21 inches long. We didn’t know the gender until Ellie arrived, which I have to say ...