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Enable Wireless Security on Your Camera or Card

Researchers discovered that using an open Wi-Fi network on your Wi-Fi camera or Eye-Fi card could expose you to malicious attackers. (Via PetaPixel)


Canon EOS M Book Now in Stock

Yay! Print copies of my latest book, Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots, are now in stock at and direct from Peachpit. It’s just $14 at Amazon, which is a great deal for a full-color photography book. Read more about the book in Available Now: Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots.


Available Now: Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

I’m hard at work on the second edition of The iPad for Photographers, but in the meantime I’m proud to announce that the book I just completed, Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots, is now available! Over at, I wrote about why this title is especially important to me as a photographer. ...


128 GB iPad Is Great for Photographers

Apple announced today that the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display will be available in a 128 GB model, doubling the former top capacity model for just $100 more. The Wi-Fi model costs $799, and the Wi-Fi + Cellular model costs $929. Both will be available starting February 5 in black and white. No other specifications ...


Welcome! Read Me First

If you were redirected from or my iMovie blog, all of that information can now be found here at A few pointers: Click the Categories pop-up menu to jump to specific topics (such as iMovie). Important book updates and other timely items appear in the sidebar. The archives go back to 2003, so ...

Nuking the site from orbit

In the grand tradition of blog reboots, I’m drawing a line in the sand between the content that appeared before this redesign and what comes after. Sure, it would be nice to go back and clean up everything I’ve posted since 2003, but I don’t have the time or inclination. The good news is that ...


Subcompact Publishing

Our current tools are a bit kludgey, a bit clunky, a bit too tied to the past. The Magazine is a great first example of a subcompact publication, utilizing Newsstand — an existing under-leveraged tool — to indigenously and ingenuously deliver content.

Tactical Error

Today, Ellie and I went to the Seattle Aquarium and had a great time. On the way out, we stopped by the gift shop, where of course Ellie wanted to buy something. So we looked around, and when she grabbed a stuffed toy I said, “Something smaller.” She found a little plush river otter, and ...


My OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide Now Available!

This doesn’t directly relate to the iPad and photography, but I’m excited to announce that my latest book, OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide, is now available. It covers all of Apple’s new operating system, is packed as full of tips as I could make it, and all in just 264 pages. Best of all, the ...