Apple Watch Crash Course 1.2 Update Now Available!

I’m excited to announce that Take Control Books has just published my update to Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course. Version 1.2 is now fully updated to cover watchOS 2 and the various improvements rolled into the watch’s operating system (see below).

Although the book required a fairly substantial refresh, we’re offering it as a free update for current owners: click the Ebook Extras button on the cover to view the title on the Web and download the updated version in the column at left.

If you don’t yet own it, the book is just $10. When you buy it, you get PDF, EPUB, and Mobi (Kindle) versions so you can read it on any electronic device you own.

Watch cc sample1 
Watch cc sample2

And here’s a little behind-the-scenes fun: When we published the 1.0 version of the book, the Apple Watch had only been announced, which meant I had to use screenshots from Apple’s Web site and from video of the introduction event in sections of the book. Because of that, Apple rejected the title when we submitted it to the iBooks Store. In this new edition, I’ve removed all of those images and recreated new ones in their places, such as the photos in the example pages above. There’s nothing like convincing your wonderful but very sleepy wife to pretend she’s going out for a jog at 11:00 PM and turn your living room into an impromptu photo studio.

I hope you enjoy this update. I wear my Apple Watch every day and find it extremely useful, and I’m eager to share my enthusiasm.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.2 (from the book):

The Apple Watch has received its first major software update, watchOS 2, with improvements in many areas. I’ve updated the book to include new information:

  • Native apps: Under watchOS 2, developers can write apps that run natively on the watch itself, which in some (but not all) cases translates to faster load times and additional features.
  • Look ahead: You can now see the future as you turn the Digital Crown and view the complications on your watch face. I talk about this in Look Ahead with Time Travel.
  • New faces: Choose from a selection of time-lapse animations or use your own photos as the backdrop. See Personalize the Apple Watch Face.
  • Wake up: Your watch can now behave more like a bedside clock with Nightstand Mode.
  • Digital Touch colors: Send your digital touch drawings using multiple colors in Connect with Friends Using Digital Touch.
  • More friends: You can now have more than one screen of friends available through the Friends button. I describe how to add friends, and move friends from screen to screen in Edit the Friends Screen.
  • Transit on the map: If you happen to be in a city that Apple provides public transportation directions for, you can overlay that transit information over the Map app. See Viewing a Transit Overlay.
  • Foiling thieves: A new feature in watchOS 2, Activation Lock, allows you to disable your watch if, for instance, it has been stolen, making it impossible for anyone to use it unless they know your Apple ID credentials. To find out how this works, read Before the Watch Is Lost or Stolen.
  • Face time: In addition to having the screen remain on for 15 seconds after you raise your wrist, you can now specify that the screen remain active for 75 seconds. This will use more battery, but may make your watch more fun to use, especially if you often demo it. For configuration steps, read Wake Screen on Wrist Raise. Also see Stay Awake Longer.
  • Wallet: The Passbook app is now called Wallet. It still works in the same way, making it convenient to show any barcoded ticket or loyalty card from your wrist. It’s convenient to pay for coffee, get in to a movie or concert, or board a plane with a quick scan of your wrist. See Use Apple Pay and Wallet.
  • Editorial adjustments: Now that the Apple Watch is readily available, I’ve removed the chapter about competing watches. However, the information about activity trackers is now in Exercise with the Apple Watch. I’ve also split the former, lengthy “Communicate with Friends” chapter into two shorter chapters, Communicate with Friends and Communicate Using Mail.

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