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iMovie ’09 Tip: Wraparound Cursor

I just learned a very cool tip that solves one of iMovie’s annoyances. When you’re skimming a clip and come to the end of a line in the Project Browser, hold Shift or Caps Lock to automatically wrap the playhead and mouse pointer to the next line. Here’s a video of the shortcut in action:


Copy and Paste iDVD Drop Zone Contents

iDVD didn’t get much love from Apple in iLife ’08, but a few nice features crept past the “DVDs are yesterday’s technology” wall. Case in point: copy and paste drop zone media. Let’s say you put together a killer group of photos in a drop zone on the front page and you want to use ...


Tips for Exporting for iDVD

Aaron at Unlocking iMovie ’08 offers some good tips for getting your iMovie video into iDVD. Since iMovie no longer includes the capability to make DVD chapter markers, a common workaround is to bring the movie into GarageBand and enter markers there before zipping it along to iDVD. However, there appears to be problems with ...


Easy Masking in iMovie ’08

Aaron at Unlocking iMovie ’08 has posted what has to be one of the more unexpected iMovie tips I’ve seen: you can easily create a video mask. Karel Gillissen created a few movies demonstrating how to make an image with transparency (he used Photoshop Elements) and then simply drag the image onto the top of ...


Back Up Data to Digital Camera

I contributed to a Macworld article that’s now available online: “Three for the road: Expert tricks for getting more from your Mac laptop.” My section talks about how to use the memory card in your digital camera (which these days are likely to be 1 GB or more) as an easy backup solution while you’re ...


iTunes Smart Playlist Adventure

I almost always listen to music via iTunes while I’m working, but I do find myself gravitating to the handful of recent albums purchased. At some point I created a Smart Playlist that shows me music that hasn’t played during the past year. It’s a nice eclectic mix of tunes, with 121 items covering 9 ...


Quick Direct Trimming Tip

I just noticed that someone named Yvonne in Bloomington, IN wrote a very nice review of the iMovie HD 6/iDVD 6 book at Amazon’s page. (Thanks, Yvonne, if you’re reading this!) She also points out that I should have included a tip on page 97; I’ll let her explain (emphasis mine): [I]n experimenting with direct ...


More Info on Datestamps in Time-Lapse Movies

Rob Griffiths follows up an earlier post with more details on getting iMovie HD 6 to embed date/time information in a time-lapse movie. Turns out that you need to tweak a preference using Terminal. Bingo! This hidden feature will let you put time and date stamps on iMovie time lapse projects created with DV cameras. ...


Embed Time/Date in Time-Lapse Movies

Rob Griffiths at Macworld stumbled upon a very intriguing quirk with iMovie HD 6’s Time-Lapse capture feature. Basically, the options are minimal the first time you do a time-lapse capture. But when you do it again, you have the option of embedding the date and time into the video as text. I then thought I’d ...


iPhoto Tip: Grey Balance

Christopher Breen discovered a hidden feature in iPhoto 6: when editing a photo, Command-click anywhere. The Temperature and Tint values change based on the color of the pixel you clicked.