TriggerTrap Mobile, shutter release for iOS

TriggerTrap MobileNow this looks interesting: TriggerTrap Mobile is an app for iOS that lets you trigger your camera’s shutter remotely. In the book I talk about DSLR Camera Remote HD, which requires that you tether your DSLR to a computer; the iPad communicates to an application on the computer over Wi-Fi.

TriggerTrap takes the computer out of the loop. Using an adapter and a cable (also sold by the company), you can connect the iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch) to the camera and control it there. (Or, just use the software to control the camera in the iOS device.) TriggerTrap Mobile offers a bunch of options for firing the shutter, too: The GPS capabilities of a cellular iPad enable you to specify that a shot is taken based on distance, such as every 100 meters. Or, use facial recognition, motion detection, sound detection, timelapse, and other methods—12 in all for the paid version ($9.99), 3 for the free version.

(I mention a similar product in a tip in the book, iOShutter. It looks as if their cables are finally shipping in some markets, but possible US Customs delays are holding up shipments in the United States and Canada.)

TriggerTrap Mobile looks pretty snazzy, and I’m looking forward to playing with it.

  1. Hi will the app and cable allow live view with a dslr?? Kind regards. Mike


    1. No, it doesn’t have a live view. That would be very cool, though.


      1. Thankyou Jeff for your prompt reply. kind regards , mike

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