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Real Security and Hard Facts

Here’s something way-too-long time coming: the Democratic party today unveiled Real Security, a full-on assault on the misconception that Democrats can’t handle America’s security. The Republicans are turning to this attack because they don’t have much left: under the Bush Administration and a Republican-led government, things have gone to shit. Security, emergency response, corruption, the ...


A Timeline of War in Iraq

As Bush starts to rattle the sabers about Iran, let’s look to what the last three years in Iraq have been like: Think Progress » THREE YEARS OF WAR IN IRAQ: A TIMELINE. And a thought I had yesterday: if you’re a Christian and support Bush, I would argue that you’ve renounced God.


Twenty Years

The space shuttle Challenger exploded 20 years ago today. I wrote about this date on my original “blog,” 6 years ago, and the memory is still fresh. The New York Times has an audio-visual commentary that’s worth checking out.


Cornered, Bush Snaps Back

Bush <a title="Bush Forcefully Attacks Critics of His Strategy in Iraq – New York Times” href=””>gave a speech today showing that he’s resorting to the only tactic he seems able to wield: when faced with facts, attack someone. In this case, he’s refuting critics’ (Democrats’) claims that he and his administration misled the country into ...


Bush: “We do not torture.”

I almost choked on my breakfast when I saw this article at CNN: Bush defends detainees policy. And my first reaction was, “He actually SAID that?” “There’s an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again,” Bush said. “So you bet we will aggressively pursue them but we will do ...


Zoe Williams: My way or the highway

Approaching the end of week 3 in a sling, I can’t help but look wistfully at the cyclists who zip past the bus I take in to work. In the meantime, my wife sent me the following link to an amusing article from The Guardian (a UK paper): Zoe Williams: My way or the highway. ...


What It Might Be Like at the White House

Paul Begala, former counsel to President Clinton, writes about what it must be like at the White House now with several top people under investigation related to the Valerie Plame scandal: TPMCafe || What It’s Like. Although there’s a lot of focus on the higher-ups and what indictments against Rove and Libby and others could ...



I quote Digby for an excellent roundup of the current state of our government: So, we have a federal probe implicating the president’s number one political advisor and the vice president’s chief of staff in the violation of laws protecting CIA agents and possibly lying to federal investigators. We have a multi-pronged investigation into a ...


Brown’s Soft Landing

When “Brownie” resigned as head of FEMA, I remarked to several friends that it wouldn’t be long before he was hired as a consultant for some other Bush-friendly firm or organization. But even I didn’t think that would be… FEMA: Daily Kos: Guess Who’s a New FEMA Consultant. CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger reports that ...


Schneier on Future Emergency Funding

I’ve been utterly agog at the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, mostly due to the massive and clearly preventable loss of life. Security expert Bruce Schneier talks good common sense in an editorial in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Funding security based on movie plots looks good on television, and gets people reelected. But there are millions of possible ...