Real Security and Hard Facts

Here’s something way-too-long time coming: the Democratic party today unveiled Real Security, a full-on assault on the misconception that Democrats can’t handle America’s security. The Republicans are turning to this attack because they don’t have much left: under the Bush Administration and a Republican-led government, things have gone to shit. Security, emergency response, corruption, the economy, you name it. So when they get backed against a wall, they trot out the idea that no matter how badly Bush has screwed up, the country needs to stick by him because he’ll protect us. Or something.

Well, it’s bunk, and the Democrats are calling them on it. See Harry Reid’s Democrats’ Record on Real Security vs. The Bush Republican Record of Dangerous Incompetence for specific examples of how the Republicans have blocked meaningful legislation and military funding that would actually help in the war on terror.

Here’s an example:

Democrats Are Fighting to Meet Mental Health Needs of Returning Troops. With up to one-third of Iraq war veterans possibly suffering from some degree of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Democrats are fighting to meet the needs of returning veterans. [UPI, 1/27/06] In the House, Democrats, as part of the New GI Bill of Rights, have proposed to improve mental health support for returning soldiers [HR 1588] through enhanced education and outreach, improved screening, and effective treatment and counseling for veterans and family members.

    Bush Republicans Rejected the Democratic Effort to Provide an Additional $500 Million per Year for the Next Five Years for Mental Health Services for Veterans. [RC 343, Boxer Amdt. 2634 to S.2020, 43-55, 11/17/05]

I know someone who works with veterans, and he’s told me that the VA is seeing a huge amount of trauma among soldiers coming back from Iraq. It’s not just the physical wounds, it’s some of the horrific things they’ve seen. It completely boggles my mind every time I see a car with a “Veterans for Bush” sticker on it. Maybe “Veterans in Denial for Bush” would be more appropriate.

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