What It Might Be Like at the White House

Paul Begala, former counsel to President Clinton, writes about what it must be like at the White House now with several top people under investigation related to the Valerie Plame scandal: TPMCafe || What It’s Like. Although there’s a lot of focus on the higher-ups and what indictments against Rove and Libby and others could mean, there’s still a country to run, and lots of people at the White House in the process of running it. Although indictments are on everyone’s minds, things still need to get done. It’s interesting reading:

Tom Petty was wrong. The waiting is not the hardest part.

Sure, all of what Eric Alterman dubbed “the punditocracy” has a severe case of indictus interruptus, but for President Bush and his White House staff, the worst is yet to come. To be sure, waiting on a decision to indict is an exquisite form of torture. But what lies ahead is worse. If special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald does choose to indict one or more senior Bush White House officials, they will be the first top White House aides to be indicted in a decade and a half.

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