Bush: “We do not torture.”

I almost choked on my breakfast when I saw this article at CNN: Bush defends detainees policy. And my first reaction was, “He actually SAID that?”

“There’s an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again,” Bush said. “So you bet we will aggressively pursue them but we will do so under the law.”

He declared, “We do not torture.”

I suspect that Bush’s idea of “torture” is more akin to having someone in his inner circle tell him the truth about something. But this is a great opportunity for him to do something right. Back up your words, Mr. President. Provide compelling, empirical, unbiased evidence that your administration does not torture. Let international inspectors visit the detainees (such as at the recent “black sites” in eastern Europe). We no longer believe what you say, so show us.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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