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New Article: Four things Apple could do to improve iPhoto right now

Over at Macworld, I offer four suggestions to make iPhoto usable again.


Macworld Reviews the Seagate Wireless Plus

Over at Macworld, Roman Loyola reviewed the Seagate Wireless Plus Wi-Fi hard drive. Although he doesn’t mention this specific purpose, the Wireless Plus finally delivers on the promise of being able to transfer files from the iPad so you can back up the photos you import. See “Seagate Wireless Plus Appears” for more detail. I’ve ...


Ben Long’s iPad Photo Workflow

Photographer Ben Long wrote a great post at about his iPad photo workflow, which includes a HyperDrive Colorspace UDMA 2 device for storing image backups and Photos Info Pro for assigning metadata to the photos on the iPad. Check it out: iPad Photo Workflow (


Watch my Photo Club Webcast

The replay of my Peachpit Photo Club webcast is now live. See how to wirelessly transfer photos from any camera to the iPad — live! Watch as I edit photos in iPhoto for iOS! Marvel at how I can start the presentation without realizing that I hadn’t yet shared my screen with the rest of ...


Modern Photo Convenience

My daughter’s daycare starts the school year by asking parents to bring in a bunch of photos—of family members, friends, house, and other things that help express who each kid is. The photos are sometimes trimmed and turned into a collage, then mounted on a long wall for everyone to see. If you’re like me, ...


Book Errata: Chapter 3 update, inactive link

A couple of related post-publishing housekeeping tasks: The sidebar on page 52 notes that I’ll be updating Chapter 3 (“Rate and Tag Photos”) with Photosmith 2 information. When I wrote that chapter a few months ago, Photosmith 2 was still in an early alpha stage, but the developers gave me access so I could include ...


Photosmith 2 Now Available—Go Get It

After a lot of work, Photosmith 2 is now finally available for sale at the App Store! The app costs $19.99, which sounds steep compared to many apps, but is a great deal when you consider that Photosmith is still the only one that lets you rate, tag, and assign other metadata to your photos ...


Photosmith 2 Getting Closer, Losing GoFlex Temporarily

The developers of Photosmith 2, which I feature heavily in Chapter 3 of the book, can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a blog post today, they reveal that Photosmith has reached Final Candidate status and will soon be submitted to the App Store. Software development is hard work, and Photosmith ...


Photosmith 2.0 Getting Closer to Release

One thing of which I’m immensely proud about The iPad for Photographers is Chapter 3, which focuses on how to organize the photos you import into the iPad. Most of it centers on Photosmith 2.0, an app that lets you rate and tag images and then flow them into Adobe Lightroom with all of that ...


Twitterview on April 25

Do you have questions about using your iPad with your photography? I’m doing a Twitterview (Twitter interview) about the book on April 25 at 11 a.m. (PST). Submit questions at Peachpit’s Web site and I’ll answer them live. If your question appears, you get a free copy of the book! If you want to just ...