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Iconfactory Halloween Icons

Fall is my favorite season, and it also heralds the fun work of The Iconfactory, which replaces its interface with a Halloween-inspired scheme every October. I use many of their icons (holiday and otherwise) on my Mac because they’re well-designed and add character. And I absolutely love the little factory GIF animation at the top ...


Unpatched PCs Compromised in 20 Minutes

Again, why do I use a Mac? Study: Unpatched PCs compromised in 20 minutes. Look, this isn’t a “my computer is better than your computer” issue anymore… if you value your data or security at all (and you should!), the insecurity of Windows is just unacceptable.


RealNetworks Selling Songs to Be Played on iPods

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times: RealNetworks Plans to Sell Songs to Be Played on iPods. What’s interesting is that a key piece of information isn’t being reported, but the PR spin clearly is. The article states: Tomorrow, without Apple’s authorization, RealNetworks will start to give away software that will allow people ...


Another Reason for Using a Mac

I know, I’ve always been a dedicated Mac head and on occasion have lambasted Windows. Usually it’s about ease-of-use issues, since I find Windows to be maddeningly obscure in how it does some things. However, the last couple of years are revealing that it’s not the ease of use that’s making people consider Macs, it’s ...


A Slew of Macworld Articles by Me

In January and February I wrote five articles for Macworld magazine, which all ended up in the same issue (May-04). Now it looks as if four of the five are online: iMovie 4 Review iDVD 4 Review Laudable Laptop Stands Final Cut Express 2 ReviewNote that Apple’s recent Final Cut Express 2.0.3 Update fixes the ...


Best Times for Apple Store Appearances?

I may do an appearance at the local Apple Store – University Village in April, so I’m wondering: when’s the best time to do it? Weekdays? Weekends? Midmorning? Midafternoon?


NYTimes on iPod Earbud Fashion

The New York Times ran an interesting iPod-related article in its Fashion & Style section: The World at Ears’ Length (free subscription required). iPods are so popular in New York that people are walking around like zombies, tuning each other out. What I find interesting is the fact that Apple’s designers scored yet another home ...


Why Apple Stores Are Working

I’m writing about Final Cut Express 2 and ran into a problem importing footage from my camcorder. However, I couldn’t tell if the problem was caused by my equipment (a Canon ZR20 and PowerBook G4) or the software, and I don’t have another camera available to test. What to do? I headed down to my ...


iMovie to FCE Session

I gave my first conference session at Macworld Expo last week, on moving from iMovie to Final Cut Express. (For those who attended: you can download the session notes, a 3 MB PDF file; a few hours after I posted the file on Wednesday, our Web server went south in a bad way, so my ...


At Macworld Expo S.F.

After coasting through a relaxing holiday season, I’m now in San Francisco for Macworld Expo. The weather here is lovely, compared to an impending big snowstorm in Seattle. Are you going to the show? I’m doing a presentation on Graduating from iMovie to Final Cut Express as part of the Users Conference, Wednesday from 11:00 ...