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At Macworld Expo

I’m in San Francisco for Macworld Expo, so I don’t know how often I’ll be posting. The joke here is that I don’t post often enough to really get away with saying that, but I wanted to say it anyway.


Schneier’s Security Advice

Crypto and security expert Bruce Schneier offers a good list of suggestions to improve one’s Internet security. Most of these are Windows-specific (don’t use Internet Explorer, don’t open joke emails or other forwarded material with attachments, etc.), but it’s a good list for Mac and Linux users, too.


Take Control of Recording with GarageBand

I mentioned that I was editing three Take Control ebooks, and now the third has just hit: Jeff Tolbert’s Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. I’m not a musician (though I’ve recently started to take up the guitar), but I can see how someone with desire and $10 can make professional-sounding recordings using GarageBand and ...


Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

I’m thrilled to announce that Joe Kissell’s latest ebook Take Control of Mac OS X Backups has just been released! I was the editor for this title, my first in the Take Control series. I’m particularly fond of this subject, because I’ve been there, done that: a few years ago I suffered a catastrophic hard ...


I’m Now a Newspaper Columnist!

Hooray! Saturday marked my first appearance as a regular columnist for The Seattle Times: Regular change of passwords keeps sneaky crackers guessing. My colleague Glenn Fleishman has been the Practical Mac columnist, and when he took some time off to become a new daddy, I filled in for a few weeks. (Notice that the Times’ ...


The Tech-Support Generation

Newsweek has a great article by Brad Stone about how many people are headed home for Thanksgiving… to fix their parents’ computers: The Tech-Support Generation. I know, you can’t lump everyone into that category, but I suspect it’s true more often than not. And it points to the reality that computers are still difficult to ...


My iMac G5 Review in Seattle Times

My colleague Glenn Fleishman and his wife recently had a baby, so I’ve been writing his Practical Mac column for the Seattle Times. The latest is a hands-on review of the iMac G5: "User-friendly iMac G5 keeps it simple". Here are links to the previous three I’ve written: "DVD led to digital shake-up" (Seattle Times, ...


Iconfactory Halloween Icons

Fall is my favorite season, and it also heralds the fun work of The Iconfactory, which replaces its interface with a Halloween-inspired scheme every October. I use many of their icons (holiday and otherwise) on my Mac because they’re well-designed and add character. And I absolutely love the little factory GIF animation at the top ...


Unpatched PCs Compromised in 20 Minutes

Again, why do I use a Mac? Study: Unpatched PCs compromised in 20 minutes. Look, this isn’t a “my computer is better than your computer” issue anymore… if you value your data or security at all (and you should!), the insecurity of Windows is just unacceptable.


RealNetworks Selling Songs to Be Played on iPods

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times: RealNetworks Plans to Sell Songs to Be Played on iPods. What’s interesting is that a key piece of information isn’t being reported, but the PR spin clearly is. The article states: Tomorrow, without Apple’s authorization, RealNetworks will start to give away software that will allow people ...