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Plastic over Bits

I’ve fallen hard for the instant-gratification of buying music from the iTunes Music Store. A few days ago I noticed that José González was in the catalog; his song “Heartbeats” is featured in the Sony Bravia commercial that I blogged about in October on my iMovie Visual QuickStart Guide blog. I decided to buy the ...


Subscribe to My Photocast

Part of the new features in iLife ’06 is photocasting, an easy way to share photos online from iPhoto 6. I’ve created a Jeff’s Pretty Photos photocast at’s-pretty-photos/index.rss. If you own iPhoto 6, this should come up in the program itself; if not, you can view it using an RSS reader. However, it appears ...


Where to Find Me at Macworld Expo

I’m headed to next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, where I’ll be giving four presentations: Wednesday, 11-Jan-05, 11:00 am: Graduate from iMovie to Final Cut Express Wednesday, 11-Jan-05, 2:00 pm: Peachpit Press booth (#1507), talking about plug-ins and add-ons that make iMovie even better Thursday, 12-Jan-05, 3:00 pm: Intro to Desktop Movie Making (a ...


External Modem: It’s 1993 Again!

Part of the fine print of Apple’s announcement yesterday of the new iMac G5 is that it no longer includes a built-in modem. Instead, you can buy a USB modem for $50. So let’s recap: way back when, you’d spend $200-$300 on an external modem, a big metal box with blinky lights that let you ...


I Heart iMovie at InformIT

I wrote an article for InformIT, which is now online: I Heart iMovie: Why Apple’s iMovie HD Beats Windows XP Movie Maker 2. Two weeks and six full MiniDV tapes later, I sat down at my PowerBook G4 and fired up a little application that I’d previously launched only once: iMovie. In less than two ...


Remote Control column in Seattle Times

My latest Practical Mac column for The Seattle Times talks about how I was able to get Timbuktu Pro working on my mother-in-law’s Mac so that I can control it remotely: Remote control makes tech support easy. Patty would have to describe to me what she saw onscreen, reading every error message or menu list ...


My Final Cut Express HD review at has just published my review of Final Cut Express HD. It’s a good revision, though less compelling for people who already use Final Cut Express and don’t plan on working in HDV. But I was happy to see that the iMovie support has improved: Final Cut Express HD also features improved iMovie project import, ...


My Seattle Times column on Apple-Intel

My Practical Mac column in the Seattle Times today takes an overview look at Apple’s decision to shift to Intel processors: What’s in store for Macs with Intel processor inside.


I Heart

Last week I had the opportunity to test out a Power Mac G5 system that included two (yes, two) Apple 30-inch Cinema HD displays. You can see a picture of them flanking my PowerBook here. It was an astounding array of over 8 million pixels, which I wrote about in my Seattle Times column. Since ...


Tiger, Articles, and Sleep

Last week was a mix of all-out working and some rare relaxation, which is why I’m a week late in posting this: Glenn Fleishman and I reviewed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for The Seattle Times, which includes a goofy picture of me (and, again, has only Glenn’s name on the byline for the online ...